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Scratchy is renown for his constantly shifting and never predictable, Rockin', Roma, Dubbed-Up, Mestizo mixes which take a voyage through the soundscapes of London to Louisiana, Kingston to Colombia, Bucharest to Bollywood.


Scratchy is also available for nights of Ska, Dub & Roots Reggae Nuggets, Back In The Garage sets that take the 50s and 60s Rockin & Soulful Rhythm & Blues as their launch pad, or any combination of all the vital elements that make up The Rock and The Roll of The World.


Whilst he packs a broad and deep travelling collection of CDs for sets that cover all aspects of The Rock and The Roll of The World, whether in its entirety, or homing in on the different specialist areas contained within, Scratchy also spins off vinyl for nights of Roots Rockin’ Rhythms & Blues, the music that lies at the heart, the very foundation of all those Scratchy Sounds.



Musical Shamanism:

The Rock and The Roll of The World,

Globalista Rhythms and The Universal Blues.




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2 x Pioneer CDJ Decks with USB facility with latest software to read a large, 1000Gb external hard-drive (eg Pioneer Nexus 900 or 2000).

1 x Pioneer DJM 600 or 800 Mixer (or more recent equivalent model)

1 x microphone  (Shure SM58)


Vinyl sets require 2 x Technics 1210 Turntables

Substitution in manufacturer’s brand may be considered on discussion, providing they are equal in reliability and features.

Standard dj set-up on stage, facing audience, or in a booth, depending on circumstances of booking, with surfaces to put a large number of cds and also, when required, a laptop.

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